It’s clearly a rare occasion when I actually write anything in my blog anymore — work, general photo stuff, my house, and my son keep me quite busy. Hopefully around October, things may lighten up a bit.

Couple of things to share quickly for those interested:

The house is coming along–rather slowly, but still coming along

– We’ve just had our floors delivered and I’ll be installing them sometime in June. Bamboo. Inexpensive but hopefully they’ll last and, if needed, tolerate refinishing in 15 years.

– Over Memorial Day weekend, I sprayed the ceiling in our bedroom (4 coats) then painted the walls (2 coats). Looks pretty good. As an aside, whenever I paint a room now, I start wishing I had new windows… someday.

– I also, while waiting for coats of paint to dry, laid all of the full 6” slate tiles for our new entryway (layout, test fits, Hardibacker, tile). This is the project that I was most pleased with; I’ve never done tile work before and it looks rather nice. Granted, it still needs grout, oh, and being a natural material, they’re not perfectly level, but I really like the results so far. Besides, Daisy called me a perfectionist while doing all the prep work for this, so I decided that they didn’t need to be absolutely straight and level. At some point, I’ll need to get a wet saw to do the cuts on the remaining tiles. Fortunately, the cuts are all in the coat closet.

Next projects will be installing wood floors, replacing doors and jambs, trim work, new windows. Wow… this is like work.

In other news, I’ve had a realization. Sure, this is something that others perhaps have realized before me, but it seems appropriate given the state of the nation and the world:

Frodo Failed:
George Bush Has the Ring!

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