HP MediaVault Shares and RedHat Linux

Some time ago, I posted about how to connect to your HP Media Vault with Ubuntu. The problem — well, one of the problems, for there are many assorted problems in the world — the problem with that method was that it would only technically work with Ubuntu, not with too many other variations of Linux.

I’ve recently started playing with RedHat Enterprise 5 and Fedora 7 and the Ubuntu method won’t work with them. The solution, however, is easier than you might imagine.

Of course, you need to create your empty mount point somewhere on your machine. So, as root, do the following:

mkdir /mnt/sharename.

I used something logical:

mkdir /mnt/binaries

Next, edit /etc/fstab and add the following line:

//ipaddress/sharename /mnt/sharename cifs defaults,credentials=/root/.smbpassword,rw 0 0

Of course, you’ll need to replace “ipaddress” with the actual IP of your vault and “sharename” with the obvious.

Don’t forget to go to /root or some other appropriate location and create the .smbpassword file and give it

and replace “uname” and “upass” with your vault username and password as needed. Also, be sure to change permissions on the .smbpassword file appropriately:

chmod 600 .smbpassword

Then try to mount the share…

mount -a

There’s probably an easy way to simply use NFS to mount the vault, but if you want user-level security, you’re out of luck and will need to use SMB/CIFS as NFS doesn’t support user authentication.

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