Mac Terminal Fun


Got a Mac? OSX?

Triple-click the following line, copy it, then paste it into a terminal. Be sure to turn your volume up a bit:

osascript -e ‘say “oh This is a silly song silly song silly song this is the silliest song ive ever ever heard So why keep you listening listening listening while you are supposed to work to work to work to work its because i hate my job hate my job hate my job its because i hate my job more than anything else No its because youve no life youve no life youve no life and you better go get one after forwarding this crap” using “cellos”‘

On Airports


Maybe it’s just the Dayquil talking, but:

I’ve never been too fond of commercial aviation. Less so since 2001.
It has become, in my view, nothing more than a profit-driven security
theater where we jump through pretend security processes that serve no
actual security benefit — other than to address potential threats
drummed up in any B-rate Hollywood
Movie script — while stripping us of dignity, respect, and civil

So, why the hell are the bathroom floors always sticky?

Why are so many airports seemingly always under construction?

Why does it seem that the people who are providing security in these
places exactly the kind of folks that you’d never trust cat-sitting,
but the federal government thinks they’re capable of making judgements
about security of privately-owned commercial airlines?

Next time, I’m chartering a private plane, taking the train or just
riding the V-Star.

No doubt this post will win me the 4 S’s of Death on the boarding pass
for my next trip.

…in which I contemplate the week


I’m sitting at gate 42 at Orlando International airport as I hammer this out.

I went to TechEd this week and have absorbed loads of info about MS server software that seems most applicable to my job.

I have the flu — or something like it.

I went to Disney World, Epcot Center with my wife and son yesterday — and, although I felt like absolute crap physically, I still loved it. I bought Pirate Mickey Ears and some Goofy Ears (pirate skull cap). Just because.

Daisy and Nick found some that they liked, too.

I found myself planning the next trip to Disney World — which will be at least four years from now — before I even left the park.

I got to test out a Segway at Epcot. Pretty neat, but I’m not buying one. Nick was mad because he wasn’t old enough to try one out (have to be 16 or older).

We saw
– Spaceship Earth
– the water ride at The Land (really cool, because you can see the Disney hydroponics/aquaponics garden and greenhouse, too)
– Test Track
– Soarin’
– United Kingdom
– Italy
– Japan
– Germany (I even ordered my beer and snacks in German — Nick was impressed.)
– China
– Fireworks
– Smiles on the faces of my wife and son

I must have walked miles and miles this week.

So, this week was mostly educational/work-related, punctuated with a one-day vacation for me at Disney World (you really need a week to see all the good stuff). Perhaps I should plan more vacation time.

Well, off to get in line at the gate for a standby flight home. Maybe I can get back to Denver before my wife and son land.

Tech Ed, 2008


The last day for Tech Ed, 2008 was Friday, June 13.

Over the course of the week, I’ve learned reasonable amount about
Microsoft’s new product offerings and endured walking what seemed like
miles and miles… every day. The Orlando convention center is just
huge; and everything is, understandably spread out. Hauling a notebook
computer around, even though it’s only a four pound Mac (hey, I wasn’t
the only Mac user there — there were several) was physically hard.

But it turns out that it wasn’t just that I was out of shape and
hauling around extra weight. Over the week, I’ve been feeling
progressively worse. A bit too tired at the end of days, a worsening
sore throat, muscles, and joints. Friday morning added a fever,
coughing and the inability to get out of bed.


Why is it that I get these things whenever I travel?

Posted from MS TechEd, 2008