On Airports

Maybe it's just the Dayquil talking, but:I've never been too fond of commercial aviation. Less so since 2001.It has become, in my view, nothing more than a profit-driven securitytheater where we jump through pretend security processes that serve noactual security benefit -- other than to address potential threatsdrummed up in any B-rate HollywoodMovie script -- … Continue reading On Airports

Tech Ed, 2008

The last day for Tech Ed, 2008 was Friday, June 13.Over the course of the week, I've learned reasonable amount aboutMicrosoft's new product offerings and endured walking what seemed likemiles and miles... every day. The Orlando convention center is justhuge; and everything is, understandably spread out. Hauling a notebookcomputer around, even though it's only a … Continue reading Tech Ed, 2008

VMM Integration and Extension With PowerShell

This post is just some notes from a session, so it may seem, more thanother posts this week, a bit more disjointed and random:Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager Integration and ExtensionMS System Center VMM 2007 and System Center VMM 2008 (beta at thistime). (MS SCVMM)You'll need a background, understanding, or working-knowledge ofPowerShell. I don't have any. … Continue reading VMM Integration and Extension With PowerShell