Just a brief intermission here.

Of course, I said that Tech Ed is in Orlando this year and I’m really
grateful to be able to attend (that my employer has picked up the bill
for the conference, hotel, airline, etc).

But what else is in Orlando? Well, it is a tourist city. It’s not just
Orlando, though. There’s the space center; Universal Studios (we’re
going Thursday evening); and Disney World.

Saturday, Daisy and I are taking Nick to Epcot Center at Disney World
— really looking forward to that. But Daisy will be taking Nick to
another one of the Disney parks on Friday while I’m in conferences.
Working in a mini vacation after the conference.

Last night, Brian, JD and I went over to Downtown Disney for a quick
walkthrough and dinner at Planet Hollywood restaurant. The food was
pretty good but they also have costumes and props from various movies.

The Jenny (shrimp boat) from Forrest Gump: sitting in a pond outside
the restaurant.

Dorothy Gale’s dress from The Wizard of Oz: on display right next to
our table.

As far as Downtown Disney itself, it’s free to check out all the
shops, but there’s a lot there. Pubs, clubs, shopping, snacks, shows,
Cirque, boat rentals.

Posted from MS TechEd, 2008

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