TechEd Swag

Well, wireless is better, but now the problem is that there aren’t
many outlets, so geeks’ computers aren’t getting recharged very often.

We made a run through the vendor area and picked up the typical
corporate swag: pens, notepads, T-shirts, desktop toys, etc. There are
also drawings for iPods (touch), a Macbook, etc. Why no drawings for
Windows notebooks?

Spent a few minutes at the HP booth picking an engineer’s brain about
power consumption on the C7000 and C3000 blade chassis. I have a
couple of the former and have considered shifting to the C3000 because
it’s smaller. Oddly, in our environment, this would be an improvement
as we have our C7000s populated with only 10 bays (out of 16) where
the 3000 is an 8-bay device. Blade for blade, it requires less power.

It’s curious that I happened to ask a couple of vendors about
compatibility of their hardware/software solutions with Unix (well, I
AM the Unix admin). Even after the MS Keynote where they’re pushing
interoperability with other OS platforms (unix/linux/mac/etc) and I
was still met by dumbfounded looks from vendors… and in one case, a
guy said, “You might get jumped if you ask about that.”


Off to seminars.

Posted from MS TechEd, 2008

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