Application Virtualization

– Isolation of apps

– No interoperability issues with apps/eliminates apps conflicts

– Will ultimately be able to run apps for newer os levels

Presentation virtualization

Profile Virtualization

– Makes profiles/interface customization portable

System Center manages both physical and virtual for all types of virtual

Looks like reliable shared storage is our biggest issue to rolling
virtualization into our dev/qa environments.

Presenter noted that many desktop apps are moving back to the
server… Apparently, the mainframe is coming back. Methinks this is
an excellent idea.

On app virtualization:

A mobile user can be provioned through AD. All (everything) is
replicated back to a server — sobif they lose their machine, you give
them a new one and they’re up and running immediately.

You can make apps local (LAN) only or unique to their (v)machine.

Can also set up to allow a contract worker to use a localized vm
(hosted) or app only.


TechEd, 2008
Via iPod Touch

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