Tech Ed, End of Day 1

I did a couple of virtualization seminars today and am intrigued. I
was considering moving entirely away from MS and over to VMWare’s ESX
with Virtual Center (as well as VCB, HA, etc) but would like to spend
some time with the new MS virtualization platform.

In another post, I think I mentioned that MS figures the VMWare
solution to be about $60K for a full software roll out for five hosts
— hardware not included, of course — while the Microsoft
Virtualization software would run about $20K. Substantially less, but
I don’t know yet if it would be optimal.

No doubt VMWare will be lowering their prices to stay completive with

The MS virtualization concept consists, of course, of virtualizing
servers, which we already have started doing. They also have begun
promoting application virtualization as well as presentation, desktop,
and profile v.

For profiles, think: Roaming Profiles, but without all of the space
requirements. Rather, with the MS profile virtualization, you gather
the users’ settings, personalizations, etc, then replicate those
server-side whenever they’re connected to the network. If they should
lose their physical machine, you can give them a new one and all of
their settings from their last sync are automatically imported. If
you add application virtualization for those users with desktop
computers (or for apps that you want to stay on the LAN — be it
physically or through VPN) there will be nearly zero downtime for the

I’m liking that and I’m not even on the corp admin team.

I still haven’t seen anything that would make patch management, or
updates any easier than GFI. Actually, haven’t found anything for that
at all, so we may be stuck with GFI. On the plus side, when it works,
it does very well — we’ve just been having some stability issues with
it not finishing scans of our domains.

Posted from MS TechEd, 2008

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