…in which I contemplate the week

I’m sitting at gate 42 at Orlando International airport as I hammer this out.

I went to TechEd this week and have absorbed loads of info about MS server software that seems most applicable to my job.

I have the flu — or something like it.

I went to Disney World, Epcot Center with my wife and son yesterday — and, although I felt like absolute crap physically, I still loved it. I bought Pirate Mickey Ears and some Goofy Ears (pirate skull cap). Just because.

Daisy and Nick found some that they liked, too.

I found myself planning the next trip to Disney World — which will be at least four years from now — before I even left the park.

I got to test out a Segway at Epcot. Pretty neat, but I’m not buying one. Nick was mad because he wasn’t old enough to try one out (have to be 16 or older).

We saw
– Spaceship Earth
– the water ride at The Land (really cool, because you can see the Disney hydroponics/aquaponics garden and greenhouse, too)
– Test Track
– Soarin’
– United Kingdom
– Italy
– Japan
– Germany (I even ordered my beer and snacks in German — Nick was impressed.)
– China
– Fireworks
– Smiles on the faces of my wife and son

I must have walked miles and miles this week.

So, this week was mostly educational/work-related, punctuated with a one-day vacation for me at Disney World (you really need a week to see all the good stuff). Perhaps I should plan more vacation time.

Well, off to get in line at the gate for a standby flight home. Maybe I can get back to Denver before my wife and son land.

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