On Airports

Maybe it’s just the Dayquil talking, but:

I’ve never been too fond of commercial aviation. Less so since 2001.
It has become, in my view, nothing more than a profit-driven security
theater where we jump through pretend security processes that serve no
actual security benefit — other than to address potential threats
drummed up in any B-rate Hollywood
Movie script — while stripping us of dignity, respect, and civil

So, why the hell are the bathroom floors always sticky?

Why are so many airports seemingly always under construction?

Why does it seem that the people who are providing security in these
places exactly the kind of folks that you’d never trust cat-sitting,
but the federal government thinks they’re capable of making judgements
about security of privately-owned commercial airlines?

Next time, I’m chartering a private plane, taking the train or just
riding the V-Star.

No doubt this post will win me the 4 S’s of Death on the boarding pass
for my next trip.

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