Tech Ed, 2008

The last day for Tech Ed, 2008 was Friday, June 13.

Over the course of the week, I’ve learned reasonable amount about
Microsoft’s new product offerings and endured walking what seemed like
miles and miles… every day. The Orlando convention center is just
huge; and everything is, understandably spread out. Hauling a notebook
computer around, even though it’s only a four pound Mac (hey, I wasn’t
the only Mac user there — there were several) was physically hard.

But it turns out that it wasn’t just that I was out of shape and
hauling around extra weight. Over the week, I’ve been feeling
progressively worse. A bit too tired at the end of days, a worsening
sore throat, muscles, and joints. Friday morning added a fever,
coughing and the inability to get out of bed.


Why is it that I get these things whenever I travel?

Posted from MS TechEd, 2008

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