Binary Fun

16 bytes (32 nibbles or 128 bits) worth of base-2 binary goodness:0101.1001 0110.1111 0111.0101 0010.01110111.0010 0110.0101 0010.0000 0110.00010110.1110 0010.0000 0110.1001 0110.01000110.1001 0110.1111 0111.0100 0010.1110Yeah, it's a bit juvenile, but I'm thinking it would make a nice T-shirt.

More Photo Tips from Around the Web

Was digging around in my bookmarks this morning and thought I'd share a few more pages that may help the budding young photographers:- Video tutorials to get you going from Panasonic. Landscapes, Macros, the mysterious Manual mode on your camera, night photography, etc.- Improve your photos 60 seconds at a time with iDigitalPhoto's guides.- PhotonHead's … Continue reading More Photo Tips from Around the Web