Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts…

Whilst checking out the vending machine at work, which is usually stocked with the usual vending machine faire, I noticed that they replaced our regular Brown Sugar Pop Tarts with something a bit more chocolatey. This is awesome for me, because I fucking love chocolate.

Now, I don’t get out much, so I honestly had no idea that there were actually Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts in the world.

Yes, I have been living under a rock for the past dozen or so years. Why do you ask?

However, now that I’ve actually had the Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts, I must say — don’t bother. Just not that impressive. That “Good source of 7 Vitamins and Minerals” label appears to suck most of the joy and taste out of the chocolate part. Damn you, Kellogg’s.
How about some Bacon Pop Tarts? Oh, wait… it’s been done and I’m so trying this.