Spies Like Us Quote

I really need to watch that movie again. While the video of Fitzhume’s press conference was funny, the text is slightly amusing, too:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As of this afternoon the Undersecretary for South American Affairs emphatically denies any and all intervention in the current realignment of top positions in the Paraguaian Air Force.

Thank you very much.

Are there any Paraguaians here? No?

Well, of course, their request for subsidies was not, uh, Paraguaian, as it… as it were. Uh, the United States Government would never have… if the President… our President had not… and as far as I know, that’s the way it’ll always be. Is that clear?

The State D… ever… tha… cls… [tap tap tap]…icrophone’s…utting out on us. I’m awfully sorry. However [tap]…the…u…wa…si…k…[checks watch]…unch date, so I must go.

Eh, just watch the video from the earlier post.

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