Here’s One to Ponder…

From Joe Huffman:

I listened to The Black Hole War and 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense back to back. If I had not done that I don’t think I would have put two and two together and realized that we are living in a huge black hole. The “background radiation from the big bang” is actually just the event horizon of the black hole which is our universe–which contains other black holes. The direction toward the center of our black hole is the direction of time. This is why we can only perceive time at a single instant–completely different from the other spacial dimensions of our universe. It also (potentially) explains “dark matter” (no such thing) and a lot of other things. At least that is my hypothesis.

Interesting concept. It definitely warrants further study. Not that we could do anything about it if it were accurate, but just so we, as a people, could understand.

Joe had a followup post a bit later. It’s definitely worth reading. Be careful that you avoid reading that particular post if you have very recently watched Carl Sagan’s Cosmos — in particular the episode where Dr. Sagan describes black holes.

And ignore the Mayan predictions about 2012.

Oh, and also ignore the concern about thermospheric degradation.

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