The Genie is Out…

Without looking it up, how many nuclear bombs are known to have been detonated from between their creation in 1945 through 1998?

Enough, if they were spread out in populated areas around the globe to pretty much destroy all human civilization:

China: 45

France: 210

India: 4

Pakistan: 2

Russia/Soviet Union: 715

United Kingdom: 45

United States: 1032

Are the powers that be trying to destroy the planet?

Of course, North Korea has also detonated a few nuclear bombs, and Israel is believed to have a small number at their disposal as well. However, the video above, the work of Isao Hashimoto (more info) covers known detonations on and above the planet from 1945 through 1998.

Sadly, there’s no way at this time for any portion of humanity to get the hell away from the psychopaths who have the ability do destroy the human race.

More info on states with nuclear weapons can be found here.

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