Strange iTunes 9.2.1 Issue on OSX

I’ve been getting a strange iTunes error on one of my OSX machines recently.

History & Symptoms:
Running OSX 10.5.8. I updated to iTunes 9.2.1 and now I can’t access my iTunes Store account or purchase content.

The error reads, “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred.” The error code is: -9812.

The iTunes Store loads fine and I can browse content, but couldn’t log in to my account or purchase any new content.

I can also access iTunes Store with my account on some other computers. So it appears to be localized to just this one.

Possible Issues:
It’s very likely not a DNS issue, though you might be surprised how much trouble a DNS issue could cause.

It’s also unlikely that it’s an issue with your system’s clock or time zone settings — though it doesn’t hurt to double check that they’re correct.

Oddly, it’s more likely that it’s an issue with your Root Certificates.

So, to fix it, go to Verisign and download the latest root certificates. You’ll need to provide a name and email address, but they don’t appear to actually do anything with them — which is why they now think I’m Inigo Montoya.

It’ll download a file called

Decompress the .zip file with whichever suitable method you prefer.

Drill down through the file to get to roots > VeriSign Root Certificates > VeriSign Universal Root CA folder.

Double-click each of the .cer files and add them to the default keychain. You’ll need to provide your credentials.

You’ll need to open each of the newly imported keys in Keychain Access and tell OSX to trust that key for this to work. Double-click the key, expand the Trust object at the top then change the first dropdown menu to “Always Trust”. You’ll also have to provide your credentials again.

Quit Keychain Access and iTunes then reopen iTunes and attempt to sign in to the iTunes Store.