Hamming it Up

I changed out my primary HF antenna at the house from the 20-meter-only flat-top dipole in the attic to something a bit more useful: a 40-meter inverted V atop a very sturdy, military-grade fiberglass mast 24 feet up. Sure, I could go higher (up to 48 ft with the parts I have) but would need a much longer feed line. The other nice thing about the new antenna is that my auto-tuner can now easily tune anything from 40m all the way down to 10m.

The best part is that the mast is a temporary installation, so if the city complains, it can come down in just a few seconds.
Of course, I still have some annoying RF noise coming from my dishwasher that I need to get sorted out. No idea yet how to approach that yet.


Can anyone explain, in logical terms, why Adobe Acrobat reader on my Windows machines seem to require weekly (or more frequent) updates that also require a reboot of the computer? It’s a document reader! What could it possibly need of the core system that would require a reboot of the operating system? And why the hell does it need weekly updates to begin with?

One more reason I prefer Linux and Macs to Windows machines.

You never see on a Mac, “Hey, we updated Preview! You’d better reboot or you won’t be able to view these static documents!” Nor do you see on Linux, “Oh, there’s an update for vi — you better install it now and reboot or you won’t be able to edit any plain-text text files!”