Words you never want to hear a mechanic say — even if you’re the mechanic: cracked block.  If it were just a blown head gasket (or even a cracked head) I could deal with it easily. Pull the head, clean, put on a new gasket, done. $40 in parts*. And it takes just a few hours on a V8. Could even be done on the side of a road with just a few tools.

Cracked block, though — that sucks. Especially when the block is a 350ci V8.

Well, I was planning on putting a replacement motor in The Beast at some point — but now was not the “some point” that I had in mind. I was thinking more like “summer of 2012”.

Guess I’ll be looking for a super-cheap runabout.

* Okay, okay — it’s slightly more money and time if it’s a head, not including the time to put in valves & such.