Fun with Language

I know a bunch of obscure even archaic written languages, but spoken languages are a different story. Obviously, fluent in English and I even have a very (very) basic understanding of German. I’d like to have a solid understanding of German and have committed to pursuing that this year.

Maybe Castilian Spanish would be interesting. I also find myself drawn to some less common languages like Welsh and Irish, but honestly, there just isn’t much for those in my daily life.

What about other more common languages? Mandarin, Russian, French?

But which to choose?

Anyway, back to the more pressing matter: German. I have a goal to achieve and need to select something quickly. Rosetta Stone is in the running as I do well with their learning method. They’re also taking 15% off for the next week for their TOTALe package.
I’ve heard of Tell Me More. So, I click through a few menus on their site until I get to their German page. The price is competitive, but something seemed odd:
Click to enlarge then read carefully.
If you didn’t spot it, it reads:

TELL ME MORE V10 German (10 Levels)

TELL ME MORE® v10 Spanish 10 Levels will allow you to master German, providing you with the most complete and extensive offer to learn German.

Wow, that must be a pretty amazing language package… their v10 Spanish will help me master German. How does that work exactly?
I’ll go with the company that has more thorough proofreading in its marketing materials and, hopefully, in its language products.

One thought on “Fun with Language

  1. The library across the way has a bunch of audiobooks on learning a language, and free's a good price. I'm not fluent myself, but I've had a lot of classes in German, for whatever that's worth.

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