OSX: Adding Snow Leopard Server iCal Group Accounts to Desktop iCal

This may affect only about eight people on the planet, but I figured I’d post it here just in case I forget.

Do you have an OSX Snow Leopard server running iCal services for group accounts?

Does that group have its own shared wiki on the OSX server? You’ll need the short name of your group. In our example, we’ll assume the full name is, “Task Group” and the short name, “taskgroup”.

Do you want to access that calendar from your OSX desktop iCal application?

  1. Open iCal on your desktop.
  2. Go to Preferences.
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Add an account.
  5. Change Account Type to CalDAV
  6. Enter your username and password for your wiki server that grants access to that group.
  7. Enter the domain name of the server, for example, wiki.company.com.
  8. Click the Create button.  You may see an error at this point. This may be normal, but the Create button should have also changed to Continue.  Click Continue.
  9. Your username, password, and server name should have been carried over. However, the server path will default to /principals/users/username, where, of course, username is your actual username.
  10. Change the server path to read /principals/__uids__/wiki-groupname/. If our example groupname from above is “taskgroup” this would therefore need to be changed to /principals/__uids__/wiki-taskgroup/.
  11. In the port field, if your iCal server uses SSL, be sure Use SSL is checked. The default port for SSL iCal should therefore be 8443. However, if your server does not use SSL, uncheck that option then change the port to 8008. Naturally, any port can run any service, but these are the typical port numbers on which these services run.
  12. You may need to click the “Use Kerberos v5 for authentication” checkbox if your domain uses Kerberos. This is typical. Click the checkbox then click Create.

If you see an error regarding logins or authentication, try unchecking the Kerberos checkbox then try again.
That’s pretty much it. Your group calendar will now appear in iCal.
Note that if you have a user that likes to get creative with changing calendar colors that it will propagate to everyone using that shared calendar. This is by design, but it may not be expected by everybody.

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