This Week’s Accomplishments

Because Frühling is upon us, I figured it may be entertaining if I shared some of my accomplishments this week.
In no particular order:


  • Dropped seeds in four global buckets: two varieties of tomatoes and cantaloupes. I still need to set up an auto-waterer of some sort. The general plan is that a 55-gallon potable-water drum will be the primary source, which can be checked daily and topped off as needed (and careful notes taken about how much water is added!), which will then be metered by a small float-valve in a secondary tank to get the level right for the global buckets. Once the plants are large enough, I’ll also need to erect an appropriate trellis of some sort.
  • Cleaned out and prepared the first fish tank (a 1000-liter IBC tote) for use by cutting the top 5th or so off, flipping it over and rotating it. It’s very much like this one but with a different flood/drain method. That part will be the grow-bed. It still leaves about 225 gallons of volume, which will only be filled to about 175 gal for fish. I still need to add a power-source for a pump and a timer so it can run for a few minutes every hour, then obtain a test kit of some sort for the water… oh, and fish. I’ll need fish. Tilapia should do nicely. I’m also pondering a few possible methods to reduce evaporation from the fish tank and to keep the critters (and toddlers) out.
  • Cleaned out four 55-gallon food-safe drums for various garden projects. Possibly as additional media beds for the fish tank.
  • Cleaned out most of my old, unneeded bookmarks from Safari. Been meaning to do that for a few months now.
  • Paid off three of my smaller debts! I’m stoked about that one… I should’ve written it first.
  • Installed an automatic vent opener in the greenhouse. We’ll see if it helps keep it under 100 degrees in there.
  • Fixed the defroster in my truck.
  • Repaired the brakes on my wife’s car after a minor crisis. Unfortunately, I had to have it towed home first so I could work on it where the tools and replacement parts were.
  • Prepped three more trays for seeds — I should have done this last week. But we’ll get them in the greenhouse in the next day or so.
  • Delivered and unloaded seven yards of compost.


  • Helped the team move three services from one datacenter to another. Sounds trivial, but there’s a great deal of planning that goes behind that kind of thing — especially because we did it live and with no customer impact.
  • Racked, cabled, and deployed 20 more highly-available database servers. It looks awesome.
  • Identified the cause of a periodic (random) service outage.
Maybe I’ll keep a running list of stuff — it might motivate me.

So, what kind of cool stuff did you do this week?