A Few Words on Tax Day

Over at Monster Hunter, Larry Correia has a few words on the US Tax Day. Go read it. Please. If you read nothing else today — or ever — you need to read that.

Did you know that a full third of all incomes in this country are funded by government sources? Where does the government get its funding? From the other two thirds of people who are actually productive members of society.

There are no excuses for that. No justifiable reasons whatsoever for that kind of unsustainable crap.

I’d like to remind everyone that in order for a government to give something to someone, they must first take it away from somebody else.

So, start doing your part by not being a leech on the system. Get into the private sector and start creating something instead of consuming everything.
Or, maybe we could load them onto the ‘B’ Ark and send them off to start colonizing another planet.