Let’s Think About This…

I don’t get too involved in Interstate politics — we have enough local problems to keep us quite busy — but this just stands out as a head-scratcher.

I’ll quote the same paragraph as the story, but… must… correct… teh… stoopid. So we’ll do this one sentence at a time:

The presumption that someone who carries a gun is safer is false.

So armed law enforcement aren’t safer? Think about it: let’s say you’re a crook and you’re going to rob someone at knifepoint (or gunpoint) — are you going to choose somebody who you know is armed? Of course not. You’re looking for a victim — not a fight.

A study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that those without guns are four times safer than those with guns when confronted by an armed assailant.

Because, hey, I always go to a doctor for expert advice about firearms. Just like I go to an airline mechanic for help with my computer, a dentist for service on my truck, and to the kid at the counter at McDonalds for help with my taxes.

Having and wearing a gun comes with heavy responsibilities and risks.

Yes, it does. But, telling people that they can’t handle the responsibility to defend themselves is a bit like telling them, “Don’t worry, Bobby… mommy will always be here to protect you…”

The most well trained people in the United States with guns are your police, and yet we are still targets of those who would commit crimes.

Um, no, they aren’t. There are several cases where police officers have made extraordinarily stupid moves with firearms. There are many military units and even run of the mill civilians who are far better trained than law enforcement in the use of firearms. The reason police are targets of those who commit crimes is, hey, because you’re cops! It’s your job to intervene when a crime is in progress. Have you ever wondered why so many people that the police interact with are criminals?

We are also very aware that every physical confrontation we have involves at least one gun.

Emphasis mine. No fucking kidding. That your own duty weapon that’s involved. Sure, it may be holstered, but it’s still involved.

Please do not be naïve about guns.

Pot? Meet Kettle.

If you are extremely not well trained and capable of retraining a weapon while under physical assault, you are much more likely to be shot or killed by the very gun you carry.

Okay, that sentence makes even less sense.

Bottom line is that these people are essentially telling you: We know there’s crime — and we want to make it easier for criminals to do and get what they want. Just lie back and think of England.

We Can’t Tell You — It’ll Make You Mad

On why the FBI wishes to not respond to FOIA requests.

But, think about it. If AT&T, Google, Sprint, or Comcast are working closely with the FBI to track your communications, would you really disconnect your service? Of course you wouldn’t. You’re addicted to your cell phones and internet connections. Most people are.

Don’t worry, though — they already know about your pR0n addiction. Unless you’re turning into a national security issue, that’s not the kind of thing they’re watching you for. Go ahead, read the entire affidavit — just the evidence provided in the affidavit was enough for me to realize how evil the little monster really is.