Quote of the Day…

There are a bunch of winners in Larry Correia’s post today (wait… with a garden weasel?) but this one early on is my winner:

“…so astoundingly dumb that when they take medication that says to avoid operating complex machinery, they’re scared to tie their shoelaces.”

I know people like that. Many of them.

Seriously, though, read the post and the Yahoo article itself.

People like those described in the Yahoo article get very little sympathy from me. I mean, how can somebody possibly buy a house for $135K and manage to rack up another $600K of debt against it? If the bank sends Guido and Vinnie out to find you with instructions to extract a few missed payments from your delinquent ass, I certainly wouldn’t hold it against them.

Judging by the 5,559 comments (so far) on that article, it looks like there are a great many people that are ready to just start slapping the bejeebus out of these adult children.

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