As a biker, I have a few motorcycles on my “wish list”. In no particular order:


  • GL1800: The ultimate long-distance touring machine, of course. They’ve gotten a bit pricey these days. Alas, my wife tells me that I’m not “old enough” for a GoldWing yet. At $25K, I can see her point.
  • HD Electraglide: Also a good touring bike. She said that I am old enough for one of those. Hey, and it’s cheaper than the Wing!
  • Kawasaki Voyager: Though their Vaquero is a nice-looking machine.


  • Suzuki DL650: The VStrom 650. It’ll tour on the highway and, if one really needs to, take on a few dirt roads and fire trails. In a word: utilitarian.
  • Ural Patrol: Also utilitarian. Very. In the snow. Though I’m told that one only “invests” in a Ural if one has an abundance of time to maintain it. I could still find a way to make some room in the garage for one of them.


  • Any Buell V-Twin: Alas, HD shuttered the brand a few years ago. Still, the sound and power of a V-Twin on a sport bike is hard to beat.  UPDATE: Well, looks like there are some new Buells in the works after all.
  • And, now I’ve added a new one: The Hoverbike. Want. Very much.

Yup, I’m going to need a larger garage.

Nein, ich habe nicht English gelernt…

“No, I have not learned English…”

In Rosetta Stone, there’s this gem — click to enlarge slightly:
It’s a frame from a brief conversation between the two women shown. The one on the left asked something like, “Did you learn English in college?” and the one on the right follows with the shot above, “Yes. I have learned English.”
She’s holding a Rosetta Stone box for French.
If I were her, I’d consider asking for a refund.
This is all in good fun, of course. I’m actually having fun with Rosetta German and Chinese. There are some errors here and there but otherwise, it’s not too bad.

There’s another that I spotted a few weeks ago that was kinda funny. The translation was something like, “She needs a map.” The picture was of a very confused-looking woman standing on a street corner, scratching her head, and clearly trying to comprehend a sign… that had no words on it. The sign was “universal” in its meaning. And, now, the image of someone scratching their head staring at a picture of something obvious will forever live on in my mind as, “Oh, shit… I’m seriously lost!”