As a biker, I have a few motorcycles on my “wish list”. In no particular order:


  • GL1800: The ultimate long-distance touring machine, of course. They’ve gotten a bit pricey these days. Alas, my wife tells me that I’m not “old enough” for a GoldWing yet. At $25K, I can see her point.
  • HD Electraglide: Also a good touring bike. She said that I am old enough for one of those. Hey, and it’s cheaper than the Wing!
  • Kawasaki Voyager: Though their Vaquero is a nice-looking machine.


  • Suzuki DL650: The VStrom 650. It’ll tour on the highway and, if one really needs to, take on a few dirt roads and fire trails. In a word: utilitarian.
  • Ural Patrol: Also utilitarian. Very. In the snow. Though I’m told that one only “invests” in a Ural if one has an abundance of time to maintain it. I could still find a way to make some room in the garage for one of them.


  • Any Buell V-Twin: Alas, HD shuttered the brand a few years ago. Still, the sound and power of a V-Twin on a sport bike is hard to beat.  UPDATE: Well, looks like there are some new Buells in the works after all.
  • And, now I’ve added a new one: The Hoverbike. Want. Very much.

Yup, I’m going to need a larger garage.

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