Frightfully Dim and Rat-like

Spotted in email this morning is the story of Natalie Munroe: a schoolteacher suspended for having a blog in which she shared her opinions about the educational system. Apparently, parents were horrified when Natalie called their precious little angels “rat-like” and “frightfully dim”.

Obviously, she’s unqualified to teach the clearly brilliant children.

Sorry. No, I couldn’t keep a straight face while I typed that.

From Natalie’s own blog:

Teacher after teacher has written to say that they are now former teachers or have moved to private school or have faced disciplinary action for speaking up.

Teacher after teacher has written to say how they are being undermined and chastised any time they don’t “yes” parents, students, and administration to death.

Disciplined and undermined for telling the truth.  No quicker way to destroy your team’s cohesiveness and tear down somebody’s will to succeed than by doing that.
Yeah, teachers aren’t the problem. Neither are the students — they don’t know any better.
Most, perhaps all of the problems in public education can be traced directly back to the frightfully dim parents and the rat-like administrators.