Overheard in An Office

No, not in my office, but overheard this little exchange at another company altogether, between two employees there: a woman and a man:

Him: Oh my god, is it ever okay to wear a mini-skirt and Fuck Me Boots* to the office? 

Her: If you’re the slutty secretary at an escort service, maybe. Otherwise, uh… no. And women wonder why they get treated differently in the working world. Jeez. 

Him: Hum, maybe that’s what they’re doing on that team: Sure, we can work a miracle for you. You want happy ending, too? 

Her: Well, they say you should always wear good boots when climbing. I guess that means climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, too.

I about shot coffee out of my nose.

* Pretty sure I knew who he was talking about and what he was describing: those leather, knee-high, heel things. Is there an actual name for those?