Fatburger Update

Something wasn't quite right with tonight's visit to Fatburger. Yeah, the help sucked and clearly could not have cared less about working.

But the internal consumables seemed to have been debranded: certain menu items were inexplicably unavailable; the expected, branded sandwich wrappers were replaced with white paper; the yellow Fatburger soda cups had transformed into generic red Coca Cola cups; and the uniforms all read "Epic Grill".

But the signs, menu boards, decor, banners–everything else said Fatburger.

The Fatburger website didn't have any locations listed in Colorado. Clearly, they were no longer affiliated.

With the horrible service and obvious corporate signage, it's clear to me that whomever was running things at that location was either profiting off the Fatburger name… Or trying hard to tarnish the name.

So, my rant about Fatburger a little while ago wasn't really well-directed. It should have said, "Dear Epic Grill in Colorado: You suck and we'll be spending our money elsewhere."

Carry on.

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