The Entertainment Value of Weather

Mmm… beer…

After work yesterday, a colleague and I stopped by one of my favorite local brew houses to enjoy a pint or two.

We sat on the patio because it was warm, not sunny, and probably the last time we’ll have the chance before the weather starts to turn.

Then, rather suddenly, the temperature dropped, the skies darkened, and the wind picked up–and in quite the opposite direction of the usual prevailing winds for this part of the region.

The only conclusion we could reach was that the gates of hell had started to open in the direction the wind was blowing…straight toward DU where Mittens and The Teleprompter Jeebus must have started speaking and sucking all of the air out of the city.

I don’t watch television but I am curious how their delivery was. I envision BHo reading a script to the cameras with a disgusted look on his face. Pretty much like that, was it?