A Girl Does a Video


…she talks about her evolution of handbags and daily-use bags.

Her initial comment about “a voice for blogging” got a giggle from me. I can relate in that I have a face for radio.
Back to bags for a minute: I can’t speak highly enough of Maxipedition’s Mongo bags.
I picked up one a few years ago after getting fed up with my laptop bag, then a series of backpacks. My Mongo Versipack is:
  • a laptop bag where my Mac lives and all of its accessories and cables.
  • a first aid kit.
  • a toolbag for a few regularly-used tools.
  • an office with pens, pencils, markers, and a notebook.
  • a navigational and communications center with a compass (yes, really) and one of my Ham radios
  • and even a diaper-bag to hold a few pullups for the toddlers
So, yeah, check out the Mongo line. Well-built. Versatile. Reasonably-priced. Effective.

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