Connecticut – Doomed Again

Looks like Colorado isn’t the only place where Idiocracy is becoming reality and Teh Stoopids are taking over.

Let’s recap:

Here in Colorado, the Reality Distortion Field has caused politicians to lose their minds and ban magazines over 15 rounds capacity. I’m not sure yet exactly how that’s going to be enforced — admittedly, I haven’t read the bill yet. All of my AR and G3 magazines are larger than that* but there’s no manufacture date on them and no serial numbers. So how exactly is this a ban?

Do they expect people to just drop by and “register” them? That’s not happening. We know that registration always leads to confiscation. I won’t go through the list of all the wonderful things that history has shown have always followed that. You’re an adult — go look it up and prepare yourself.

So, what? We turn them in? We don’t have a magazine lending library from which we’ve checked them out. They’re private property. the people aren’t going to give them to anyone.

We also have the wonderful “universal background checks” in Colorado now.


So, observed on the Interwebs this morning (I’ll cite my sources when I have a few more minutes), is that Connecticut has now boarded the dangerously unsafe “we need to pass something” train. They have:

  • banned magazines over the arbitrary 10-round limit: Three little words: New York Reload. Three more words: Carry extra magazines.
  • created a new ammunition eligibility certificate: One can logically assume that it will only be useful if somebody can find ammunition for purchase
  • imposed universal background checks: How would that prevent a committed evildoer from killing somebody?
  • extended the state’s already existing assault rifle ban to an additional 100 new firearms: unlike the already existing Connecticut law that prohibited actual assault rifles, which didn’t do anything to prevent the December shooting?

So, how exactly will this change anything?

Be careful getting on that train. It’s barreling down the tracks looking for a convenient place to wreck.

Oh, and while they’re trying to keep your focus on imaginary boogeymen, you might want to have a look at this report that ties all of the public murders over the past 20 years to one thing: medically-prescribed psychotropic drugs. Go read the whole thing.

*I’m still waiting on delivery of five of the five-rounders for my G3 and hopefully in time for the Elk opener in October. That’s another rant.

One thought on “Connecticut – Doomed Again

  1. The alure of "we must do something!!!" mantra seems to have snaged another one. Perhaps simple enforcement of the 20K+ laws already on the books would help. As for stopping evil . . . pure simple evil such as Sandyhood . . . nothing will ever stop that.

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