This is a floorplan based off a 40’ front engine school bus. The idea was to maximize floor space, minimize the amount of construction (this design only has three walls and a few cabinets), and make it as green as possible.

Source- http://www.skoolie.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=95&start=15

What I like about this floor plan is that there seems to be very little actual construction.Yes, the walls will need to be insulated and the flooring done, but there are only 3 walls and a small amount of cabinets. There is a closet for hanging clothes and a desk, but those could be manufactured or repurposed items.

That said, there are a few things I would change:

  • An on-demand water heater instead of the solar water heater. More solar panels could be placed there that would provide more power for the house.
  • Instead of a hatch to the deck, use a ladder on the outside of the bus. The space used in the floor plan for the hatch could be used for a full size energy-efficient fridge.
  • I would probably shorten the bedroom space. I don’t need to have that many clothes so the hanging space could be shelving for folded clothes instead, which would take up less space.
  • I would switch the locations of the deck and solar panels. Since there is so much weight to the rear of the bus, putting the electrical and solar panels to the front just makes sense to me.
  • The battery banks would need to be moved to a more forward location for more optimal weight distribution and closer proximity to the solar panels after the move stated above.

With those changes, I think this will be my base floor plan. If you have any ideas or changes that you would make, let me know. i’m very open to ideas.


this is amazing!!!

Just going to leave this here for future reference.

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