Yep, coming soon. This wonderful house – rescued from horrifying neglect nine years ago – could be yours!

Sometime before July, 2006, it had been foreclosed then eventually found its way to HUD. We checked it out: the previous owners were heavy smokers and the inside was permeated with nicotine. The carpet had been ripped out along with the heat registers, several light fixtures, most doorknobs, the thermostat.

We made an offer expecting that we’d eventually remodel the house while living in it.

Nine years later, we’d replaced
the front and back entry doors
all interior doors
the garage door
all of the windows
the roof (twice)
a water heater
all of the appliances
every switch, outlet, and light fixture
all of the floors
the entire bathroom and its plumbing (and subfloor!)
every bit of interior door and window casing, trim, and baseboard
the fence
…and went through countless gallons and gallons of paint

There’s not a single surface inside or out that didn’t require some amount of repair, refinish, or replacement.

We also built in an entertainment center wall and shelves; added a respectable garden shed; and have cultivated a huge, incredibly productive, organic garden.

We’ve honestly entirely lost track of how much it cost in money and time.

And today, we’re amazingly pleased – rather proud – to present for sale our beautiful, well-repaired, well-maintained, partially furnished home.

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