Oh my! I made some amazing comfort food. RV space limited or not, it was easy and delicious! Don’t be turned off by the green either it can be optional but I think it made it that much more yummy!

This recipe can be scaled down or up as needed. As written you get 4-5 healthy helpings or 6-8 smaller ones.

Daisy’s Chicken Bacon Stewp

Use your large 6-8 quart pot
1 pound pepper bacon slices – cut into 1 inch chunks.
1 good sized chicken breast – sliced and cubed into ½-1 inch chunks
4 smaller potatoes cut into small ½ inch cubes
1-2 carrots sliced, larger pieces cut in half
½ package or more of shell pasta
Better Than Bouillon Chicken flavor
Dry Basil
Fresh spinach or kale washed and ready

Cut bacon and start browning in the pot. Cut up chicken and add chicken to the bacon when the bacon just starts getting crispy. Cook chicken lightly yet thoroughly. Remove chicken and bacon mixture from pot leaving grease.

Start frying potatoes in grease stirring often until softened throughout. Add carrots cooked until almost soft. While potatoes are cooking start a small pot or saucepan with water adding the Better Than Bouillon chicken flavor and dry basil, enough to more than cover the pasta. Bring to almost a boil and add the half package of shell pasta and cook till just under done. Once the potatoes and carrots are done drain any additional bacon grease off.

Reduce heat to medium low and add pasta with broth and the chicken bacon mixture. Scrape up the good bits from the bottom of the pan and reheat all ingredients.

Add good quantity of fresh spinach or kale, mix and serve. If using kale I’d cook for at least 5 minutes.

You can also put a good layer of greens in your bowl then just ladle the soupy mixture on top to appease the non veggie eaters.

I managed to do this with my small RV stovetop and a cutting board over the sink.

Leftovers were Om-Nom-a-licious!!

Thanks to my friend Jaime who suggested I document my RV cooking. I’ll be doing both my successes and failures.

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