When Ayla Hutchinson was 13 years old, she saw her mother cut her finger with a hatchet while splitting kindling and became determined to find a safer way to cut firewood. She took on that challenge as a science fair project – the result was the Kindling Cracker ( a cast iron tool that allows people to split kindling quickly and safely. Now, the 15-year-old entrepreneur is not only doing brisk business in her home country of New Zealand, she’s bringing her invention to a major new market after she recently signed a distribution deal with a leading American tool company, Northern Tools and Equipment!

While her company’s growth is exciting, Ayla says that one of her favorite parts of her invention’s success is that it’s “making a really positive impact in many people’s lives… It makes it easier and safer for everyone to cut kindling which is great to have when you fire up a wood fire, pizza oven, brazier etc. It also gives people with disabilities or physical impairments the freedom to cut their own kindling again.” Earlier this year, she and her father drove five hours to deliver a Kindling Cracker to an elderly widow who uses wood to heat her home. “I had heard she needed one,’’ said Ayla. “We sorted out a place for it to sit. She served tea and cookies. And now she doesn’t have to beg the neighbors to cut kindling. It was fun.”

More on the story here:

For those interested in Ayla’s Kindling Cracker, it’s now available on Amazon at

Way to go, Ayla! Brilliant solution for homesteaders. High five for saving hands everywhere. 😊👍

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I think this is something we should add to our camping & outdoor gear. Sure, it’s good to learn to use a hatchet. Sure, this won’t hack up logs over a given size. But for the kindling work, this looks like a great solution.

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