Observed on a road trip during The Road Trip. This particular one just off of I-5 in Red Bluff, California.

over 30 feet
kingpin to
rear axle
not advised.

When they say, “NOT ADVISED,” seriously, don’t do it.

If you even need to question whether your rig – your fifth wheel, or travel trailer, or anything else – is well-beneath that figure, just don’t do it.

Our rig? No idea, haven’t actually measured from the pin to the rear axle yet, but probably should. Not going anywhere near that road with our trailer.

In related news, if you happen to find yourself in the Sacramento Valley in northern California and if you decide you want to “take a quick trip out to the coast” do yourself a favor: plan an extra day. Maybe two. Just because Siri or Google say you can do the 110 mile trip in two hours, the laws of physics are working against you. It’ll take four. Maybe five hours. Each way.

In related-related news: California might do well to carefully reconsider the speed limits posted on some seriously twisty, rolly hills. Don’t get me wrong: on a motorcycle in dry conditions, these would be sick. But with all the blind curves, wet roads, and impatient drivers, 35MPH would be more realistic.

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