AI Creates Imaginary Art…

At some point, I should see about exploring some AI development concepts on the compute power that I already have readily available at home. But, until then, and until I actually have the inertia to explore the concept much deeper, there’s some freely-available NightCafe AI studio.

We begin by asking it to come up with an idea based upon a word or a concept: a river.

How’d it do?

Ask it for a river, and it renders something that looks rather like a river:

a river

Perhaps a setting for a pivotal scene involving Aragorn and Boromir.

Right, so what if we ask the AI to render something a bit more complex? Perhaps a river full of fish?

river full of fish

Now it starts getting a bit interesting. Using a cyberpunk style, it creates a river, with fish — leaping? floating? flying?

Eh, could evolve that a bit more.

I rather like the cyberpunk interpretation offered by the AI, so let’s ask it again…

We’ll just ask it for the same thing again…

a river full of fish, 2

What if we drop the determiner, ‘a’?

river full of fish

Okay, now let’s ask it for something somewhat implausible — not really a thing: a river full of sleep

a river of sleep

Certainly as vivid as one may expect a river to be during sleep. But let’s do it again…

river of sleep

Yep, that’s enough AI exploration for one day.

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