Not a Disorder

Speech therapy for Southern accents. My remarks, also left in the comments on Unc’s site, are…

Sounds like somebody is uncomfortable with themselves and found a business opportunity. “I’ll help you overcome that stereotype that half of american society has…” To which, I say, “Ah thank y’all kin suck mah bawlz.”

Just a clarification here: I’m not some English-or-die type. I speak three languages, but I also recognize that there are a few thousand primary languages around the globe and many, many dialects and subdialects of each. The big problem I have with this, uh, person, is that they’re using the term “therapy”. That suggests that it’s a disease, disorder, or medical problem. It’s a culture. Leave it be.


Ein Gedicht über den Herbst von Joseph Feiherr von Eichendorff:

Nun lass den Sommer gehen,
Laß Sturm und Winde wehen,
Bleibt diese Rose mein,
Wie könnt ich traurig sein?

Maybe learning a bit of German poetry will help me with my German.