Science Awesomeness


Kids at a Lebanon, Ohio Christian school participate in launching a ballon-cam into the upper atmosphere.

Very nice that the kids get to participate in a bit of exploration like this.

This isn’t the first of these that we’ve seen — in fact, there have been many of them in the past few years alone.

It’s curious, though, that with as many amateur balloon-camera launchings as we’ve seen recently, it appears that nobody has done anything to correct or limit the platform spin.

So, here’s an idea for the next team that tackles one of these: add a pair of small mechanical gyros with their axes parallel to earth and at right angles to each other to limit yaw/pitch and spin. That should limit and possibly completely eliminate the spin of the camera platform without introducing much vibration or too much additional weight.

Still — it’s science, and it’s awesome.

Think First, Then Speak


An old one:

When the usher noticed a man stretched across three seats in a movie theatre, he walked over and whispered, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’re allowed only a single seat.” The man moaned, but did not budge.  “Sir,” the user said more loudly, “if you don’t move, I’ll have to call a manager.”  The man moaned again but stayed where he was. The usher left, and returned with the manager, who, after several more attempts at dislodging the fellow, called the police.

The cop took a look at the reclining man and said, “All right, boyo, what’s your name?”

“Samuel,” he mumbled.

“And where’re you from, Sam?”

“The balcony.”

In all things in life: stop, think, observe, plan.