Adding to the Stable?

I will never again buy a new or used petrol/gasoline or diesel-powered car or truck… but I will quite happily add all manner of petrol-powered bike after bike to my rather small stable.

Top slot on that list is a Vaquero to replace my V Star. Or add to it.

Maybe a 250-class bike — I have fond memories of the adventures that I had on the baby Ninja many years ago. Maybe even the 150cc-class Honda ADV.

But this one will be quite high on the list if it ever comes to the US.

And, yes, the world is in complete uproar at the moment. No idea if there will be many tomorrows left — but Living means more than just “Walking and Breathing”.

One of my goals, having survived the whole death thing a few years ago and continuing to endure this astoundingly-prolonged recovery, adding a few bikes to the stable seems a worthwhile goal.

You gotta have goals.

Obvious is Obvious

I spotted this on the Book of Face just a short while ago:

Don’t bother clicking through. The article is very much a click-baity slideshow.

“The No. 1 cause of death is exactly what you think it is.”

I’ll save you the time.

The number 1 cause of death is…


Isolation Day 14?

Just because somebody says, “Everything will be back to normal in two weeks” it does absolutely not mean that everything will return to normal in two weeks.

If somebody says an emergency is going to take x-amount of time. Multiply by three. At a minimum. Two weeks becomes six weeks.

When faced with an unknown emergency, then add a zero.

About a year.

And with as much as everyone’s finances (and economies, globally) have been impacted, a year is probably the minimum realistic timeframe.

Also, those savings accounts that people have been amassing for “rainy-days” or “unplanned joblessness” or other health crises — this is rather difficult to hear and comprehend:

This is why you have a savings account. That’s what it’s for. The unexpected. The unplanned. The unknown.

Is it going to be wiped out? Quite possibly. Will you rebuild it? Eventually.


I just heard that the POTUS has extended the recommended isolation period to the end of April. That’s good. But consider that normality, such as it was, won’t return for many months. If ever.

Another Event…

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks.

The markets have tanked. If you have stocks or bonds, leave them be — they’ll rebound eventually.

And don’t even think about looking at your 401k — just let it ride and worry about it in another few years.

Companies are laying people off. Many others are are closing up shop.

It’ll get worse. Much worse.

I’ve not looked closely at the numbers for comparison of markets, but I can’t help but think of the stories of the Great Depression in the 1920s.

I have noticed that petty crimes are up. Truck was burgled yesterday — less than $100 in theft. No doubt petty thefts and malicious acts are on the rise because of the perceived lack of law enforcement.

The latest is an order from Gov. Inslee, to stay home.

No legal authority to enforce it, of course. But there’s a guy named Mr. G. Reaper that will see that it’s sorted… I suppose he’ll also see about sorting those petty crimes as well.

Oh, and in other news, something familiar found its way into the house: