Words Mean Things, Part II

Another gem I’d encountered on one of the certification tests last night, contained several questions that were presented thusly:

Q) Is [some question], yes or no?
- True
- False

Clearly [some question] was an actual context-specific question.

I was, for a moment going to answer, in every case, True — because logical reasoning. Of course it’s “yes or no” provided some question was presented.

if [ <some test> ]

Or, because it’s “or”, we would use a boolean OR statement (the double-pipe, ||) and state it this way:

if [ <a question> ] || [ <the same question> ]

But social reasoning and compassion prevailed so I answered them.

  • True
  • False
  • False
  • True…

Words Mean Things

So I’m clicking through some certification documents and processes. One of them is a long preliminary explanation followed by a multiple choice exam. The topic is on Bend Radius for electrical wiring installations.

The first question was effectively: what is the definition of a bend radius?

A. The minimum angle…

B. The maximum angle…

C. The sharpest angle…

D. None of the above.

So, I click “D. None of the above.” Why? Because a radius (a distance from a point) isn’t an angle, duh.

But it’s marked wrong.


Edit: and then there’s the misuse and misapplication of commas.

Upslope of the Bell Curve?

I blame myself for having something that was visible that drew their attention. I mean, somebody obviously thought that the half-empty colorful box of Kleenex and the bright orange, worn, Kong work gloves were worth breaking in for. But, honestly, brute-forcing the door has just rendered it inoperative.

I mean, sure you could have just broken the window. That would’ve been faster for you and trivially simple for me to repair. I could deal with that.

This is the second time somebody has tried to break-in/steal UPGRAYEDD and has caused moderate damage in the process.

So, now to find a shop that can open the door and repair the damage.


I honestly thought that Sears, apart from the privately-owned ‘Hometown Stores’, across the country were shuttered years ago. I didn’t expect that there would be a Sears retail store in Southcenter.

And they’re hiring?! Thinking on this, it does seem to have a Sears Hometown Store appearance.