Thoughts on the Neuro-Psychology Exam

[Alternate title, "Ritalin: It's not what you think."] It's now been about a year or so since I did the post-TBI Neurology/Psychology battery of tests -- the Neuro/Psych exam. I think I'd said before that these things were often performed prior to returning to work, but because I'm so determined (and somewhat narrow-minded) and was… Continue reading Thoughts on the Neuro-Psychology Exam

Still Funny

We're using Hubot for very limited automation and integration with our messaging apps. We've renamed it from "hubot" to "alfred". To make a request, you simply begin with "alfred ..." Like, for example, you need it to build a cluster, the instruction might be alfred build <region> <name> Of course, the 'region' and 'name' are… Continue reading Still Funny