Life With a TBI

My head [is] so full of things to say or share or do... but sometimes, before they get out, I forget. So I take notes. Lots of notes. Sometimes actually writing things down. Ideas, thoughts, stories, plans, sketches, pictures -- our current technology helps me maintain focus.

Mission Accomplished

Primary objective achieved. Cleared to proceed to secondary objectives.What’s the primary objective? Deliver Daisy to see her little brother before it’s too late.Secondary objectives? We’ll do a run down to Oregon on Sunday, then back up toward Eastern Washington on Wednesday.

Urgent Care

Had to stop at urgent care on Wednesday–sinus and ear pressure reached unbearable levels.As I suspected: sinusitis secondary to the downhill from the flu.Prescription filled, fluids added to both me and the tow vehicle, and back on the road toward the primary objective.On the plus side, we’re now down at sea level and the pressure … Continue reading Urgent Care