The Story So Far

“Well, let’s see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil.” — Airplane II

One of the things we always wanted to do was buy an RV. My folks have been RVers since I was in Jr. High and their love of the lifestyle seemed to rub off on me. A lot. They’d even share stories of the Airstream that my grandpa towed with the family sedan — a 1960-something Bonneville.

For all the years Daisy and I have been together, I’d dragged her to the local RV shows and we’d gazed at the assortment of tent trailers and travel trailers and motorhomes and accessories.

“Just wait until we buy a house,” we’d always say.

Our mentality was that once we do the responsible thing and buy a house, then we could justify the luxury.

So, we set about the path and bought a fixer-upper in suburbia whose fixer-upper costs started to climb. The RV was postponed again and again.

February, 2012, my dad called to tell us that mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. It was hard news to hear, especially because of who was afflicted, but additionally so because I understood the prognosis.

We packed the kids into the car, or rented minivan, or I on my motorcycle, and made as many trips back up to Washington to see her as we could.

After the inevitable, a year after her diagnosis, while on the road home from the final farewell, I had an uncomfortably long time alone with my thoughts and wound up rationalizing just buying an RV.

Well, a travel trailer.

We had no savings, not much in the way of disposable income, and not a very large parking area for when it wouldn’t be used. But we did have reasonable credit and my mental justification that if I don’t just go do it, then it’ll never happen.

A week later, we found ourselves on a dealer’s lot examining travel trailers — and I considering carefully all of the advice that my parents shared about such things over the years.

I signed the paperwork on our wee little Jayco UltraLite that evening.

We didn’t get a chance to use it for about a month when the weather warmed a bit.

Oh, and the first thing I added to it: a picture frame for mother’s picture.

Where Are We?

Here we are… 2014 is just around the corner.

We’re in our early 40’s with two two pre-schoolers. There’s the dog and two cars in our small, fixer-upper house in a generic suburb, in a city near Denver, Colorado.

I work a fair number of hours as a Sr. Unix Engineer for a multi-national company. The compensation is reasonable, but the hours can be rough. Fortunately, I do get to telecommute regularly. Unfortunately, that means that I get an earlier start and a later stop on telecommute days.

Daisy holds the urban homestead together. The hours there, too, are long.
While our little family has our little house, we feel like we’ve become slaves to everything in and around it. The mortgage. The maintenance. The bills. The community.

It’s time for a change…

We Begin at the End

Where are we?

How did we get here?

Is this really where we want to be–where we need to be?

Where are we going?

What makes us happy?

These are some of the things that we’ll explore here as we work toward making a metaphorical course change in our lives: from the big picture to some of the tiniest details.