Tiny House-ish

I’m sure everyone’s seen variations on the tiny-house movement. We, too, love the Tumbleweed series (oh, the 24′ Elm or Cypress Horizon, yes, please) and, in fact, are planning on building one each for the youngest kids’ 16th birthdays.

Here’s one that popped up in the RSS feed, or maybe Facebook (don’t recall the source just yet) where the builder added a simple set of cabinets in the sleeping loft:

See all the photos here.

A couple of features that I’ve seen over the past few years tweaked my interest-o-meter — things I might add to such a house on wheels:

  • dual sleeping lofts, with dormers over each. One queen-sized, the other possibly full-sized.
  • the cabinet/partition wall in the loft for the queen space.
  • the apartment refrigerators are neat, but I’d probably go with a nice dual-mode RV fridge to leverage propane.
  • instead of a simple vent-hood over a cooktop, a combination microwave/convection oven with vent hood
  • the storage stairs to a loft
  • undecided on an RV-type furnace or an alternative intended for marine use. The RV furnaces tend to be rather noisy.
  • a split-AC unit
  • a compact washer/dryer unit

Oh, there’s more, but those are some of the details that interest me.

One big decision that I’ll need to make at some point is whether I should plan on making them Park models, requiring hookups at all times? Or instead make them RV models capable of fully self-contained use with fresh, grey, and black tanks; batteries; RV appliances and fixtures?