Denver RV Show, 2015

What would an RV show be without the vendor area? This time I spent a few minutes at the Hobie booth checking out the new 2015 Pro Angler 14–now that’s a darn fine fishing boat.

The kids were far more interested in the Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Gold that Hobie fitted. Probably because it looks like a video game.

Oh, and that stand-up grab bar looks like a good idea. But I played around with its adjustments a bit then decided I’d probably end up bashing my hands or arms against it or using it for extra leverage to capsize the boat at the earliest opportunity.

Not shown: the Hobie guys also fitted some waterproof red and green LED strip lights to the bow and a white strip aft.

Almost a Sink

I think the fully-articulated faucet is fine. My concern is the lack of a drain in this outdoor kitchen’s sink–a catch basin. It’s problematic primarily because one needs to empty it somewhere and most RV parks and campgrounds frown on dumping -anything- outside the coach. So you’ll be left carefully lifting it out then dumping it inside the coach into the kitchen sink.