B******l Ruling

Whilst we’re all initially very disappointed in the military justice system for its final ruling, let’s remember that a Dishonorable Discharge is equivalent (in many states) to a felony conviction. There are a great many things that a convicted felon cannot do in the USA.

Perhaps simply living a very long life in complete disgrace amongst the populace is a punishment far worse than being housed, fed, and isolated in a military prison.

Data Protection: In progress

Let’s see – 75 hours to rebalance after replacing one drive and I have three more drives to do. That’s 12.5 days of waiting for the automation to do its thing.

It would take maybe 36 hours to rsync all of my Drobo’s content over to a few external USB drives then I can just swap all the drives in one shot, do a low-level rebuild, then rsync the content back over.