What in the hell could it possibly be???

The latest assembly from Casa de Juan; A zap-o-matic? A high-precision random-number generator? A molecular stun-gun? a 50-Ohm dummy load for testing transmitters up to 20w output to minimize the risk of transmitting a signal; and burning up a transmitter while not hooked up to an antenna It's effectively a sandwitch of small PCBs surrounding … Continue reading What in the hell could it possibly be???

It’ll Do…

The transceiver is fitted to the Altoids tin, and there's sufficient space to include a battery as well. I'll need to fit the removable jack for the antenna, and wiring harness for the battery, but I think it's turned out rather well so far.

Life With a TBI

My head [is] so full of things to say or share or do... but sometimes, before they get out, I forget. So I take notes. Lots of notes. Sometimes actually writing things down. Ideas, thoughts, stories, plans, sketches, pictures -- our current technology helps me maintain focus.