Goodbye Tumblr


While Tumblr has become something of a niche, and I had switched to it some years ago because I tired of the then free hosting provider’s plan to drop the feature, Tumblr is facing some increasing challenges.

So, it’s back to WordPress.

Self-hosting was an option, and I certainly have the hardware and bandwidth to support it, but in my current state, I’m having difficulty troubleshooting (and comprehending) some of the challenges while stepping through something as [trivial? simplistic?] as setting up MySQL, enabling Apache, and PHP on macOS — meh. Never Mind. 



Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I was nearly healed from a rather aggressive infection.

So, this is a bit of an update of a few of the items I was hoping to make some traction on:

-a work trip… Done and done.

Yes, we do tend to end up at meals out.

-rebuilding the primer/fuel filter assembly on the truck. Done.

-getting a mount/ledge assembled for my exercise bike. Done.

No idea why, but this particular bike doesn’t have a ledge of any kind on which to rest a book. Now it does.

-actually -using- said exercise bike (I nearly have the strength to do very brief rides). Done; and ongoing.

-rearranging my office. Need to rearrange it every now and again until I find something I like. Done. I rather prefer this particular layout.

-several more complex carpentry projects—think “furniture”, of course.

Eh, there’s the TV stand that I cobbled together from some spare, shop-grade 3/4″ plywood.  It was really a “How will I do? What changes will I make? To me? To it?”

-there’s a sailboat in need of being built—to say nothing, of course of the neglected sailboat whose hull needs to be reglassed. Yeah, no traction on either of those.

-wood floors need to be installed in the house. Nor on this.

-oh, and we’ll need to do a bit of house-hunting in a nearby, but much larger city. Yeah, about that: Looking is one thing. The next steps are selecting and making an offer, which can only happen after we do the same with our house.

Handicap? Just Handy, Thanks


I refuse to think of myself as “handicapped” — nor any other variant of the word. (handi-capable? differently-abled?)

Yes, I now use a cane every now and again — and with a regularity and at times that most people likely wouldn’t comprehend. Yes, I’m still finding a way to work with the limitations that were foisted upon me in January.


Until, with a modicum of tenaciousness, I return to running, and cycling, and motorcycling, and driving, and all of the other independent personal freedoms I once enjoyed.


By some interpretations, currently, perhaps.

But not for long.