Time to Upgrade My Windows Machine

I keep an older but suitably-well-performing Windows XP machine in the house for my ham radio and general radio stuff. But, it looks like MS is finally going to pull the plug on XP support one year from now: read.

**sigh** Looks like I’ll either need to really crank down its security or, if I want regular updates, look into a Win 7 license for the machine.

Real Ham Radio Operators…

Real Ham radio operators aren’t afraid to drill some holes in a vehicle as evidenced by today’s project: drilled a hole in the roof of The Little Pathfinder That Could. Yes, it’s a real pain in the butt to get the headliner out far enough to drill. But I got it out, drilled, installed the new NMO mount and dual band antenna, and ran the coax to my FT-1900 in about three hours.

Next weekend, I think maybe I’ll swap out my FT-1900R for my FTM-10SR. Or maybe I’ll just add the FTM-10 instead of replacing and come up with a better mounting option for my FT-1900.

Oh, the other day at HRO, I realized another thing a real ham would do: they have no qualms putting $15,000 worth of electronics, accessories, and antennas into and through a $1,500 minivan.

An Apology

Just wanted to apologize to all of the motorcyclists, cyclists, hikers, campers, and pretty much everybody else in Colorado whose plans have been derailed by the past few days’ of heavy rains and snow.

It’s entirely my fault.

I finally got round to installing a ham radio on my VStar. Mother Nature obviously saw that I intended to actually get out and ride and decided she had some other plans.

It’ll be a few more days at least until I can actually test the radio out.